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About KPF

The Kurdish Policy Foundation (KPF) is a registered non-profit, non-partisan and independent public policy institute. It aims to invest in research-based policymaking by focusing on the challenges facing Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and Syria in areas of governance, economy, security and social stability.

Our objective is to provide unbiased, academic and accurate policy recommendations to the public, as well as private institutions of Kurdistan Region. The KPF emphasizes and prioritizes current challenges such as financial imbalances, rising inequality, corruption, growing elitist system, lack of transparency and so on.

The Foundation researches contemporary challenges that are reflective of the problems that exist in Iraq, and in return provides practical recommendations to various government and private sector agencies through forums, panel discussions, training, capacity building and empowerment. The training designed to fit both Iraq and Syria’s conditions and help communities to work together to a better life.

Iraq’s economy and the population are going through a transitory phase where demands of transparency — accountability — equality are growing. The Foundation’s mission is echoed by researchers who believe non-partisan institutions can provide unbiased recommendations that are substantiated with research. Our governance, education, the rule of law and healthcare system are struggling with problems such as inequality, high cost, and poor performance. Consequently, in an attempt to respond to the challenges facing Iraq and Syria, it has become necessary to investigate the current problems from a non-political perspective and offer a solution in return.

Our vision is to be able to provide accurate information, data and verifiable statistics to national and international media outlets, companies, students and those interested in learning more about Iraq, Kurdistan Region, and Syria. In doing so, we will illustrate the transitory phase “developing countries” have transitioned into through comparative studies and illustrate how the experiences of these countries are relevant to both Iraq and Syria development.



  • Kamal Chomani (Born 1985, Kurdistan, Hewler) is a senior political analyst. He is a graduate of MA English literature at Bangalore University, India. He has worked with Reporters Without Borders, Aswat al-Iraq. He was also part of the editorial staff of Lvin magazine in Kurdistan.

Areas of interest: Investigative journalism, Oil policy in KRG, Kurdish Question in Turkey, Iran, and Syria, Middle East and Political party issues in Kurdistan Region.


  • Sarkawt Shamsulddin (Born 1984, Kurdistan, Silemani) is a senior political analyst. He is a postgraduate student at Virginia Tech University — focusing on Public and International Affairs, Governance and Global Security. Sarkawt has served at US Embassy Baghdad and US Consulate General Erbil (2009-2013) as a political, cultural and linguistical advisor. He was previously part of the editorial staff at Xendan News Agency (2006-2009) and has contributed to many Kurdish-focused English outlets.

Areas of interest: Civil society research, Public Policy, Middle East and Kurdish politics


2 Comments on About KPF

  1. The three founders,
    I’m very impressed with your project and hope a bright future for all of you and the Kurdish Policy Foundation.
    I will definitely consider sending you my future articles.
    Best regards
    Hiwa Zandi

  2. I’m an Australian & recently worked in Iraq for 7 years as a security contractor running convoys which was also through the Kurdish region. I had the pleasure of meeting many Pashmerga in Baghdad & have great memories / photos of this time. I am deeply concerned with what is playing out presently in your region & the impact on your people & would greatly appreciate it if you can put me in contact with someone on the ground so that I can communicate with them. I would like to do what ever I can in assisting with the fight against ISIS. Many thanks.

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