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More than 2000 people have Arrest Warrant but not Arrested Yet

Erbil- More than 2000 people have arrest warrant in Kurdistan region but none of them have arrested yet. An official from ministry of interior reveals that some of these people have immunity, addresses of some of them are not known and some other have left Kurdistan, said Stop Organization for Anti-Corruption.

According to the statistics by ministry of interior of Kurdistan Regional Government – KRG- thousands of people need to be arrested as they have arrest warrant but they haven’t been arrested yet due to different reasons. These people are accused of different crimes.

According to the statistics and data (5022) people have arrest warranty, but (2790) of them have arrested and (2232) have not arrested yet.

Major General Abudulla Khailany, General Director of police of Kurdistan region stated that “There are numbers of people in every province of the region that need to be arrested according to the judge order, but have not arrested yet”.

Khailany also revealed that the reason for not arresting some of them is because they are in high rank position. Arresting these people needs an approval from their boss, the location and addresses of them are not known, and some of them have escaped to outside of Kurdistan region.

“According to the law police is an executive entity, and they are execution the orders issued by judge, especially in the cases related to the criminals of corruption and public rights. But some time they are not able to execute their duties as high officials have involved in the cases” Izzet Sabir, member of public executor has told Dwarozh, a local website.

It’s worth saying that those who have fought against corruption have been killed, marginalized or left country in the past, especially those who are not backed by power or political parties regardless of their rank or position. The most recent example is Goran Azad, member of Kurdistan parliament that has left country as he has threatened to death.

Judge Ahmed Anwar, head of the KRG Commission of Integrity has told Dwarozh that many military officials from high rank position are involved from corruption, but they haven’t been arrested due to their immunity.

He also stated that they have issued official letter to the ministry of Peshmarga to start investigation with these military officials and send them to court. “We are still waiting for the response of both ministries of Peshmarga and interior to take legal procedures for deciding about these dossiers” added Judge Ahmed.

Farman Rashad, director of Stop organization for anti-corruption said that police

and other security forces specialized on corruption cases should have enough power to be able to do their job properly and successfully. If not, there will be more corruption in the region.

“Police agency in Kurdistan region is very weak and can’t do what they need to comparing to other places. In the contrast, most of the corrupt people are supported by one of the political parties. Some others are part of Peshmarga or armed forces. Police are not able to arrest them” stated Farman Rashad.

“Police should be as powerful as Baghdad and other countries to be able to execute arrest warranties” he added.

*Stop Organization is Erbil based NGO works to prevent corruption in KRG institutions.

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Sarkawt Shamsulddin is a political analyst on Middle East Affairs and co-founder of the Kurdish Policy Foundation

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