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Nalia Media Corporation on Sarkawt Shamsulddin’s Abduction


Nalia Media Corporation (NMC) informs the Kurdistan Region and Iraqi public that journalist Sarkawt Shamsadin, head of NRT office in Washington D.C., has been kidnapped by unknown armed forces in front of the Kurdistan Parliament Office in Sulaimani at noon on December 20, 2017.

Sarkawt Shamsadin is one of the most active and capable journalists at the Nalia Media Corporation. He recently returned to the Kurdistan Region to carry out some media work. But he was kidnapped on Wednesday in front of the Kurdistan Parliament office and his location is unclear at this time.

Nalia Media Corporation holds the security institutions in Sulaimani province responsible for the safety of Sarkawt Shamsadin’s life. We call on the Kurdistan Regional Government, the organizations defending human rights and freedom of expression, the consulates-general of the United States and Europe and the syndicates for defending journalists’ rights to make all efforts for immediate release of our journalist.

We call for freedom for Sarkawt Shamsadin and all journalists working to protect the freedom of journalism, human rights, and those serving the principles of a free media.

Nalia Media Corporation


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