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Erbil: Journalist Survived from Murder Attempt

By Kurdish Policy

Erbil- Ibrahim Abbas, a former aide for Masou Barzani, president of Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP), was attacked by a group of men in Erbil and severely injured. Abbas has been fired from Barzani’s press office for over one year and has been writing on the KDP and Barzani critically since then. He also leaked documents regarding Barzani’s social media campaign against other political parties and free media. In April, Masoud Barzani’s


On Monday evening, Abbas’s family told NRT TV that he was attacked by a group of men near Erbil’s car show. Abbas told his family that the men tried to kidnap him, “but the people in the area prevented it.” According to NRT TV correspondent in Erbil, Abbas has been transferred to Erbil East Emergency Hospital, “but Asayish forces do not allow media access.” Abbas’s brother, Asso, told Kurdish Policy that his brother health condition is not stable and his arms and legs were broken and his head injured as well.”

In the last two weeks, Ibrahim Abbas released two pieces of evidence and names of Barzani’s social media team who remained in shadow for years. He also released another evidence that proves KDP’s policy toward Iran.


Abbas has been under surveillance continued to receive death threats, but he did not stop writing. He mostly published his writings on his social media accounts but shared by hundreds of other people and Facebook pages.

In April, Masoud Barzani’s special forces arrested Abbas while taking refuge in one of his friend’s house in Erbil. He remained in custody without court demand and later released. After his release, Abbas said that he was told by Barzani’s advisors to give up his writing on the KDP and Barzani and in return, they will compensate him and allow him to return to Massif Salahuddin where he has a house. However, Abbas refused to accept the deal and continued his path to uncover Barzani’s confidential agenda against other political parties.

Ibrahim Abbas was with the KDP for over 20 years, and he served as a media assistant with Nechirvan Barzani’s Office and Masoud Barzani’s office. Later, in 2015, Abbas was fired from Barzani’s team, and he was expelled from Massif Salahuddin where he was living there for 15 years and miles away from Barzani’s presidential palace.



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