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Roadmap to Break the Political Deadlock in Iraqi Kurdistan

Profound disagreements among political parties in Iraqi Kurdistan as regards the shape of political system and presidency have for one year led to the fall of the political order in the region. 

The consequences of this situation have shaken the very foundations of the region, caused an existential threat to its territorial integrity as well as societal security, and deepened the economic crisis

The consequences of this situation have shaken the very foundations of the region, caused an existential threat to its territorial integrity as well as societal security, and deepened the economic crisis. For survival of the nation and to face the emerging regional challenges, a breakthrough and an ice melting initiative is necessary to take place.

The initiative could be a roadmap according to which political parties initiate a six-month transitional period. During that period, a constitution that guarantees a democratic and parliamentarian political system needs to be enacted. Otherwise, the region remains vulnerable to political disagreements that could endanger its peace and stability. The lack of an enacted constitution for the last twenty five years could be considered as a cause of political instability.

As regards political institutions, the political parties are needed to agree upon an interim president appointment who shoulders presidential authorities from Msoud Barzani; the interim president is to be entitled to all the presidential authorities and powers. Although the election-term of the current parliament and government is yet to expire, for the sake of achieving a national consensus, however, the parliament of the region is to elect a new speaker and vice-speaker, arranges voting on a new interim cabinet that could be called (National Unity Cabinet). 

A duty of the parliament during the transitional period is to codify the constitutional court law, and elects its judges jointly with the region’s interim president. The constitutional court is to monitor the implementation of the transitional process and prevents any defects. Given the fighting against ISIS, a transitional high national council is to be established to lead fighting against ISIS that could be headed and assisted by Barzani and minister of Peshmerga respectively. Last but not least, the transitional period is to be terminated by general elections and referendum on draft constitution. The elections are to be supervised by  the high independent elections and referendum commission in Kurdistan (KHIEC).

The roadmap outlined above establishes core principles for preservation of Kurdistan Region and guarantees political correctness.

Darwn Rahim is a Ph.D. candidate at Erfurt University in Germany. He holds an MA in National Security Studies from the German Armed Forces University. He has served as the personal assistant to the Kurdistan Parliament Speaker from May 2014 to October 2015.


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