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Kurdish Lawmakers ‘Ignore’ KRG Call for Consultations

Sulaimaniyah- Official page of Hoshyar Abdullah, Change Movement Lawmaker in Baghdad, posts a statement responding Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) call for consultations on 2017 federal budget bill. 

Abdullah says that the KRG wants to hinder the deal with Baghdad on Kurdistan budget. He said that the lawmakers are determined to pass the bill make both Baghdad and Erbil to abide by it. He states that KRG’s statement is too late. “It cannot stop us from doing what we have started to fix public employees payment. The lawmakers ignored the call.”

Earlier today, the KRG announced that it was not informed about details of federal budget bill. It warned Baghdad not to pass the bill unilaterally. Otherwise, KRG will not abide by it.

The article that KRG is concerned about is support by the Gorran,  the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan, and the Kurdistan Islamic Group. The Kurdistan Democratic Party and the Kurdistan Islamic Union are against it.

The article makes both Baghdad and Erbil to abide by the oil and revenue deal. Whichever side violates it, it will face penalty by Iraqi Supreme Court. 

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Sarkawt Shamsulddin is a political analyst on Middle East Affairs and co-founder of the Kurdish Policy Foundation

1 Comment on Kurdish Lawmakers ‘Ignore’ KRG Call for Consultations

  1. The Protagonist // December 3, 2016 at 2:28 am // Reply

    Isn’t it risible that Barzani and Co. are against the interests of Kurdistan decisionmakers in favor of Baghdad. Undoubtedly so, the PDK has only one goal on its agenda: work with every enemy of the Kurds to usurp political power in order to stay ruling (by corruption).

    When will Barzani stop opposing Kurdish interests? When will Barzani stop proving himself by imitating its master Turkey? As a Kurd, I’m ashamed to even describe these traitors as Kurds. I’m assuming, expectedly, that the moderators won’t even allow this comment to be published.

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