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Updated: Second Journalist in Duhok Murdered in Three Month

The website of pro-Gorran KNN TV posted a unattributed report on disappearing and killing a KNN TV correspondent and cameraman in Amedi. Shukri Zaynadin, born in 1973, was hired as a cameraman at KNN TV in Duhok six years ago.He was working as KNN TV correspondent in Amedi’s suburbs, especially in the bordering areas where Turkish bombing occurred many times.

Amir Goran, KNN TV Bureau Chief in Duhok, reportedly said that three weeks before, Asayish [Kurdish security forces affiliated with political parties] investigated with Shukri and asked him to leave his job with KNN TV.

Shukry reported on other domestic issues as well such as lack of services. He was monitored by Duhok Asayish and the Asayish arrested couple times. He told his colleagues and family that Asayish want him to resign from KNN TV, but he ignored Asayish’s warning and continued his work with KNN TV. Four days ago, Shukry was kidnapped, and today he was found dead.

The Gorran Media Department released a statement and condemned the killing. The statement confirms that Shurky informed KNN TV about the Asayish warning and the death threat messages he received from unknown numbers. “We hold the local security forces accountable if perpetrators not found immediately,” the statement reads.

Duhok Police Department released a statement on the incident and described as “accidentally. Shukri was out in the mountains for hunting, but it appears that he shot himself accidentally and later found dead.”

The new statement from police and forensic lab say that no shooting “scars found on his body; rather, he was attacked by a pig and led bleeding.”

Shurky was a Kurdish journalist from Duhok, Iraqi Kurdistan. He was married and has eight children.

In August, Wedat Hussein from Duhok was kidnapped. After few hours, he was found dead. 100 days after the incident, no one has been arrested for that.

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Sarkawt Shamsulddin is a political analyst on Middle East Affairs and co-founder of the Kurdish Policy Foundation

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