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Kurdish Media Briefing 17 May 2016

PUK, Gorran Signed Bilateral Agreement
Gorran General Coordinator Nawshirwan Mustafa and PUK Deputy Secretary General Kosrat Rasul signed the final draft of the new agreement called "Dabashan" that seek power-sharing in Kurdistan, decentralization of power to provinces, and criminalization of civil war. Source (

Iranian Kurds End Decades Of Truce With Iran
Several Iranian Peshmerga units deployed on Iranian borders and clashed with Iranian military on three fronts. The PKK’s affiliate group YRK, the Iranian Komala Party (headed by Abdulah Muhtadi), Iranian Democratic Party (Mustafa Hijri) renewed their military confrontation with Iran after decades of bilateral truce. Source (Komala Official Tweeter Account, PKK Rojhalati Navin Page).

Barzani Ordered Arrest of Wife of KRG Oil Minister
Kurdistan Region President Masoud Barzani asked Erbil police to arrested Chrakhan Rafiq, a businesswoman, and wife of KRG Minister of Natural Resources Ashti Hawrami on corruption charges. In response to the charges against Her, Chrakahn Rafiq talked to NRT TV via Skype, denied the allegations, and said: “My name has been used to register fake companies and gain money, and through this they want to clean Ashti Hawrami’s hand.”

Peshmerga Commander Says Disputes On Mosul Operation Delayed Liberation
Peshmerga Commander Jamal Murtka stated that there were internal and international disputes over the liberation of Mosul because the city is critical for ISIL and Sunnis. He said that In Iraq Sunnis does not want Iraqi Army to participate in the operation, but they need Baghdad to arm them. “Internationally, Iran and Saudi Arabia are fighting for the liberation of Mosul because Saudis want Sunnis to control, and Iran wants to ensure Shiite Militias deployment in the area.” Source (

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