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Full Transcript: Nawshirwan Musfata Speech On Agreement With PUK

Nawshirwan Mustafa: This Agreement Guarantee Absolute Power-Sharing In Kurdistan
I would like to salute the spirit of our martyred Peshmerga; I should praise and appreciate our brave Peshmerga forces, our people for hosting hundreds of thousands of refugees and IDPs across Iraq. I should applaud both [PUK and Gorran] delegations for their hard work drafting the agreement. I appreciate the leadership of both parties who, despite many challenges, endorsed the deal.

Kurdistan Region faces many challenges such as economics, political, and military. This agreement is an answer to address these challenges.
This agreement focuses on several initiatives to deal with national matters. It aims to enhance the welfare of the people and promote political freedom; to promote social justice at all levels. It strives to promote transparency of income, especially oil and natural gas revenue and the methods of spending.
This agreement attempts to maintain transparency in Kurdistan’s foreign relations with Baghdad and other countries.
This agreement is to guarantee a full partnership in political decisions and all other decisions related to the future of our people.
It addresses reforms in the political system, economics, Peshmerga, security portfolio, management, and education.
In this regard, we assign both PUK and Gorran institutions to work on all points and by working with experts draft memorandums and protocols to each point to be implemented.
This agreement is to unite Kurdish forces based on agreement on defining national security, of national interests. It is to unifying Kurdish efforts to realize Kurdish national rights and statehood. The strategies to implement this agreement are solely based on parliamentary and peaceful methods and peaceful negotiations.
Finally, I want to say that the agreement addresses many important topics and welcomed by the majority of both parties members and people of Kurdistan. However, I want to remind both parties that what is important is not the text, but the implementation.

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