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KRG guidelines for media agencies

We have selected several key guidelines for media agencies to follow, which must be enforced by the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) during this sensitive time, and in future instances


  • Media agencies must be prohibited from unfiltered access to Peshmerga forces and battlefields. Peshmerga forces must have an access point for journalists who have inquiries.
  • Ministry of Peshmerga should have “Media rooms” situated in the main areas at risk of advancement from terrorist groups to release accurate information in daily press conferences to ease public discomfort.
  • Establish a media monitoring body to collaborate with media agencies so that false information or sensitive information is not published, particularly classified information.
  • Peshmerga commanders must not talk to media agencies or release information to them without clearance. Those who violate this and speak to media agencies must be prosecuted for putting national security at jeopardy.
  • Peshmerga forces must not use smartphones during battlefield or while they are on duty.
  • Daily press releases must be provided by the Ministry of Peshmerga, and it must provide updates, casualties, and relevant information.
  • “Media rooms” staff must be trained on how to respond to media agencies, and how to deal with media agencies. Their statements, prior to being established must go through security analysis, and then revealed.
  • Media agencies must act responsibly when reporting on Peshmerga forces, and await press releases from Ministry of Peshmerga, as opposed to utilising their own sources within Peshmerga forces.

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